Haifeng Project Held Waste Utilization Sculpture Creative Design Competition





On November 4th, the Second Waste Utilization Sculpture Creative Design Competition of Haifeng Project came to a successful conclusion. A total of 9 teams from departments of China Resources Power (Haifeng) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Haifeng Project) and sub-contractors took part in the competition.

The participants gave full play to their imagination to make creative renovations to the pieces of used fire extinguishers, steel balls, cable reels, cable tray covers that were replaced during the repair and maintenance work. After the judging panel’s review, the works “Making Concerted Effort”, “Green China Resources”, “Black Dragon of CR Power” and “Safety Notes” designed by the professional team of coal transportation, powder process and ash sulfur together with sub-contractors won the first, second and third prizes.

Among them, “Making Concerted Effort” constructed a fashionable double “heart” shape and the word “LOVE” with waste zinc plate and skirting board as raw material. The lines were soft and smooth, and the color was gorgeous, giving people a strong visual impact and winning high praise from the judges. All 11 works this year and 10 works of the first year’s competition were exhibited on the north side of Haifeng Project Development Avenue, forming a unique industrial sculpture group and adding a beautiful scenery to the project.

Haifeng Project has been committed to innovative development, and continuously established a corporate image of low-carbon green factory and power plant with humanistic charm. This event encouraged employees to recycle waste materials, promoted the economical and low-carbon ecological concept, enriched the connotation of integrated management of cooperation units, and harmonized the relationship with employees of the cooperative units.

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