Nanre Project Conducted Warm Winter Solicitude Visit



On November 21st, Jiangsu Nanre Power Generation Co., Ltd. (referred to as Nanre Project) paid a visit to the Special School in Liuhe District, Nanjing to conduct a warm winter solicitude activity with the theme of “energetic and enthusiastic like bathing in the spring wind”.

In the special school, the project staff asked about the children’s learning and living conditions in detail, and expressed their esteem for the school staff to engage in this noble occupation. Nanre project elaborately prepared gifts for the children, including picture books, toys, sports equipment, daily necessities, and snacks bought with donations by all party members to encourage them to study hard and grow up healthily.

On the school playground, the staff played ball catching and hoops jumping games with the children. Looking at the bright smiles, the head of the special school expressed his sincere thanks to Nanre Project, and hoped that more loving units would care for this special group of children and give more love to the world of these children.

Land of China, resources for nourishment. Nanre Project will continuously and actively implement the social responsibility of central enterprises and pass on love forever.

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