Liyujiang Project Launched Poverty Alleviation and Love Campaign through Consumption



From November 25th to 28th, Hunan China Resources Power Liyujiang Co., Ltd. (referred to as Liyujiang Project) launched a poverty alleviation and love campaign through consumption, creating nearly an income of RMB 10,000 for poor families.

On November 25th, the Poverty Alleviation Team of Liyujiang Project came to Changqing Village to communicate with the interviewed households on poverty alleviation measures. Subsequently, members of the Poverty Alleviation Team bought local specialties such as sweet potato chips, pinto beans, and hundreds of kilograms of white gourd and pumpkin. On November 28th, the cafeteria cooked all the purchased organic agricultural products into white gourd soup with dried peeled shrimp and pumpkin porridge, which were provided to all employees and their families for free. At the same time, Liyujiang Project also launched a love initiative to organize employees to actively buy the natural and pollution-free agricultural specialties made by villagers.

Changqing Village is the counterpart poverty alleviation point of Liyujiang Project. Since 2015, 13 managers of Liyujiang Project have paired with 13 poor households in the village for one-on-one assistance. In the future, the project company will build a main agricultural product selling platform to help promote agricultural product sales and increase economic income of the poverty-stricken families.

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